Tips and Tricks on Decorating With White Furniture

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White furniture adds a clean, fresh look to a room. Additionally, white is versatile with furniture styles ranging from eclectic or shabby chic to modern. Despite the lack of color, white furniture can look quite vibrant when combined with the right accent pieces or if you enhance it with the right decorating techniques.

Enhance White with Mirrors

White furniture and walls already open up and lighten a room, but adding mirrors to the room will extend the benefits of the light palette. Mirrors give the optical illusion of more space and reflect the light that's already in the room, making light colors look even lighter. To employ mirrors in your space, create a mirror gallery in a white room and have it face your white couch. This will then become the focal point. Add sconces filled with white candles in the areas between the mirrors. Look for mirrors in antique white for an eclectic-style room or choose frameless mirrors to enhance a modern white room. Finally, place white ceramic or tall white Asian lantern-style lamps on each end of the wall. Choose lamps that match other pieces of furniture you have in the room to visually tie everything together.

Try Shabby Chic

The shabby chic decorating style is a good way to combine mismatched furniture pieces. If you're a regular junk store and flea market shopper, you know what kinds of great pieces you can find. However, the likelihood of these pieces matching is pretty low. However, shabby chic embraces white as a unifier and is a great way to incorporate all your flea market furniture into one room. Just add a coat of white paint to each piece to provide a visual tie between all the furniture pieces you have. The ensuing white room will feel comfy and casual and the white furniture will feel cool, especially in summer.

Texture and White

A bit of texture on the fabrics of your couches and chairs as well as the addition of accessories like rugs and afghans give a white room visual vibrancy without requiring you to bring other colors in the room. When you're shopping look for furniture that has plenty of textures like brocade or velveteen. Buy braided rugs or afghans with a cable knit stitch. These pieces will still be white, but they'll provide the visual contrast necessary to keep a space from looking boring.

Outdoor Rooms

White can be a good color choice for the furniture for your outdoor room if you choose a white fabric with some sort of pattern such as stripes. Outdoor rooms lend themselves to white because the color typically makes a space feel cooler. However, some people may shy away from white in an outdoor room for fear that the piece will get too soiled. But a blue or red and white striped couch and chair set with several white throw pillows allows you to bring white into a screened in patio or outdoor barbeque area without going all out. Any color or pattern will do, so try mixing a yellow and white palette or look for a paisley or polka dotted pattern with a white background.


Although some people think of white as drab, white furniture can add quite a bit of visual interest to a room if you plan the space properly. Adding elements like a pattern or texture or combining it with small amounts of another color will make your white furniture stand out.

Author bio: Cassandra Challas is professional interior designer who writes for Digital Photo Printing.

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