Seashell Dressers- Make One For Yourself

Marchmont Shells Sideboard

Crafting with seashells can look sophisticated if done right. Amazon and ebay sell bulk lots of seashells, so those people who doesn't live near the beach can tackle this project.  It requires sea shells, glue and time!  Here are some tips to get started:

How To Clean Smelly Seashells

Brad Kamer gives us some helpful tips to go about cleaning the dead fish smell from the shells.

The primary cause of seashell odor is attributed to the organism within the shell. If the shell has recently washed ashore and there is potential for a living crab or other inhabitant of the shell, do the right thing and leave it alone. Gather up only those shells where it appears that the inhabitant is dead or already vacated the shell.

One way to remove the dead organisms found within your shells is to bury them in the back yard for a month or two. The insects will do the "dirty" work and go in and remove the decaying material from your shells.

Another method is boiling the sea shells in salt water. The high temperature of the boiling water kills the organisms hidden inside the shell and even the smaller ones hidden in cracks or pores, and the larger dead organisms.

Great Seashell Dresser Examples

- Beas Tropical Design made this magnificant seashell dresser with 4 different matching color designs. The top, front,sides and legs of this seashell decorated dresser each has a very unique design. The legs of the seashell dresser are all pretty much alike full of very tiny shells. The front drawers of this seashell decorated dresser each has an thorny white starfish.  They take orders on this style of dresser.

Make A Display Cabinet For Your Collection

Better Homes and Garden Magazine shows a piano bench with a beachy transformation. Remove the hinges from the bench and cut out the center of the top to accommodate a piece of glass. Screw wood trim pieces to each corner on the underside of the top. This will keep the top secure when replaced on the bench. Sand, and then prime and paint the piece. Let dry. Fit a custom-cut piece of glass to the top using mirror clips. Place decorative paper inside the bench and add shells.

Better Homes and Garden Magazine shows a basic white chest dressed up with custom seashells pulls in place of hardware.  Using maximum-strength epoxy, adhere shells to flat drawer pulls. Choose shells with flat surfaces at least as large as those on the pulls for good adhesion.

 Bathroom Vanity Decorated In Seashells-

Designer Lawrence Rizkowsky- Home Beautiful

Paula Deen's Savannah Style - Enormous Sea Shell Encrusted Hutch3b4777edc65

Paula Deen's Sea Shell Encrusted Hutch


Fill a glass cabinet with shells, coral, driftwood for a nice display.
Sand beach island nautical white linen offwhite neutrals natural
dresser bookcase table chair distressed brown wood

Shell Covered Vanity

Shell covered vanity for your beach home- Visit

Sea Shell Console Table

Sea Shell Console Table Visit

Seashell Dresser $17,000

An incredible shell and mineral encrusted three drawer commode,
reminiscent of Italian baroque grotto style. Pearlized natural shells create an overall lustrous, opalescent effect. The natural crystallized mineral accents add depth and texture. Large
snail shells serve as pulls to the three fully functional drawers.

Beach House, Shell Table-

Also seen at J.Covington Designs

Beach Comber's Shield Mirror, Marjorie Stafford DesignBeach Comber's Shield Mirror, Visit

Sunburst Seashell Mirror by MyHoneypicklesSunburst Seashell Mirror by MyHoneypickles - Visit

Consider Buying Vintage Syroco Sunburst Mirrors For Yourself - The Kids Room Decor

Crab Shell and Abalone Mounted Mirror, Designed by Tony DuquetteCrab Shell and Abalone Mounted Mirror, Designed by Tony Duquette - Visit

The Silver Sea Silver Plated Shells - Set of 6 by Two's Company at $159.99

Detail of a bathroom door panel, commissioned by Alberto Pinto, 1981.

Detail of a bathroom door panel, commissioned by Alberto Pinto, 1981.

Seen On House Of Beauty And Culture Blog

Seashell Console

Paula Deen's Savannah Style - Enormous Sea Shell Encrusted HutchPaula Deen's Savannah Style - Enormous Sea Shell Encrusted Hutch


J.Covington Design Stunning Sea Shell Tables

Seashell Encrusted Console Table

Seashell Encrusted Console Table - Visit

Sea Shell Table Decorations- Pinterest

J.Covington Design Stunning Sea Shell Tables

Sea Shell Covered French Louis XV Chair

Sea Shell Covered French Louis XV Chair Visit

Shelf styling- Collection display...

Seashells Decorating Around White

Clam Shell Tray Table Decor

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