How To Decorate Around White Furniture

One of the biggest questions people face with when choosing white furniture is they often know what to do with the walls.   With a whole spectrum of colors available, the choice becomes overbearing.   Everything goes with white! 

A Couple Questions To Ask Yourself

How do you feel about color?

Are you a person that leans towards to bright colors, or are you a person who enjoys color, but just the softer side of it?

Decorating Schemes

Here are a couple ways to decorate with White Furniture......

1.  Fun bright colors -  Ralph Lauren has a collection called Island Brights that captures the colors found in summer flowers. Consider decorating with brighter accent walls, and upholstery to tie everything together.

2.  Pastel Tones- Martha Stewart often uses pastels and muted colors that flow together. Consider traditional settings with colors such as light yellow, muted green, and pair in wood furniture which has been polished.

3.  Third are the spectrum of whites, such as interiors based around Swedish decorating and old world interior styles:

White furniture brings in the light, so don't be afraid of going dark on your walls.  Play off the shades of grey in your curtains and accessories.  Bring the light into your room by featuring silver. Do pops of color in a dark room on the walls.  So combine a dark grey room with a colorful painting.  Dark blue or green also works with Swedish looks. French blues, and pale grey with hints of blue, sage greens, pale blues, dove greys, olive green and cream.  Earth tones work well such as stone and gold.

Beautiful French Louis XV Style distressed, white painted with gold high lights desk. Drawers on both sides; stamped Jansen. Finely Detailed.

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