How To Decorate Around Dark Walls

Brian Atwood’s Milan Apt by Nate Berkus

White furniture can be the perfect bare bones your room needs to allow you to introduce color into your decor.  If you are drawn to color, consider your furniture as your anchor which allows the possibility of color without going overboard.  Many people who enjoy color often go wrong when they decorate, adding too many layers of color, such as colorful furniture, and then adding on top of that colorful walls, and colorful accessories.
How do you decorate With A Room Based Around Darker Colors?

- Pull a room together using two or three colors that work together.  Keeping just a few colors in a room gives it balance.

-Solid wood furniture that is not painted is important in interiors based around rich dark colors.  Having marble, wood, or any raw element adds some warmth to rich dark interiors.

-Choose objects that are the same size, or shape and combine them together.  Limit your collections.  Scattered collections around a room often is overboard.  If you have a large amount of small statues, figures, or china, consider investing in a cabinet.  Group Collections in sets of three

- If you are decorating with brighter wall colors, consider painting your furniture in black, and adding accents of gold.  Do something with your chairs more than just a coat of paint.  Add decorative appliques which are painted in white, gray or gold.  Distress the heck out of your chairs for an interesting antique look.  Hand paint gold lines around the edges of the frame which will give your furniture distinction.  Make your furniture stand out in your rooms.

-Consider having less in your home- but better objects!  Better furniture, and less clutter is the way to a really high end look.  Consider investing in two really high end pieces of furniture in a room.  Make them stand out!

-If you are planning on a dark interior, consider laying with lots of abstract paintings in white with color.  You will have to think about ways of bringing in light.  Do this with metals, such as brass lamps, copper, white upholstery, otherwise you won't be able to stand the dark interior.

Decorating is fun.  Have fun with what you have, and invest in what you love.

Picture Credit- Skona Hem

Painting Below the Chair Rail- One designer trick is to paint everything below in a gloss so that it becomes more of an architectural element in the room.

Todd Alexander Romano

Unknown Designer- Look how the doors shine...  Use glossy paint on door frames, windows, baseboards.

An antique zebra hide rug was used to give the living room an unexpected
geometry. The French carved barrel chairs were reupholstered in double
thick Off-white linen in a heavy weave and seats were over stuffed with
down so to optimize comfort. Along the wall a huge antique mirror leans
on the wall and brings in the light from the window and the leaning
mirror makes a casual statement in a room full of important antiques...

Photo by Melanie Acevado

Rob Southern

John Jacobs


White Accents In A Dark Room



Colorful White Shabby Interiors

The key to creating a colorful room is in the balance.  Within the caios you need to create order out of the elements.

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Colorful White Interiors

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