Flooring Ideas For A White Room

Delfina Delettrez Harpers Bazaar

One way of making a statement in a home is to give attention to the flooring.  If a home has great flooring, excessive furniture isn't necessary.  Consider investing in great wood floors, marble or stone floors.  Even Vinyl Stick-On Tiles can look quite attractive if they are laid out in a pattern.

Here are a few inexpensive choices that could give you a very high end appearance......

1.  Wood

Wood can be stripped, sanded, stained, and painted making it one of the very options to work with.

- Lumber Liquidators has a beautiful selection of New England White Pine that starts at $1.09/sq. ft.  It is white based and would look terrific against white walls, and painted gray furniture.

- Home Depot also carries Vinyl Stick on Planks in an Oak.  They are so easy to install.

2.  Tile

While I am not an expert at tile, any stone tile can be simpler to install than you think.  A wet tile cutter is all you need to make the right cuts. Tile can be pretty pricey, especially if you are considering tiling a whole basement, or entire floor, so why not entertain the idea of making your own stone tile?  Consider making your molds over the winter, and installing in the summer.

Old World Concrete Molds sells concrete colorant in various shades.  Consider purchasing the white and mix in a very very very small amount of the yellow for a creamy white appearance.

Here are some of my favorites:

- 24 Interlocking Paver Molds +8 Edges Free

- Brick Cobbles Tile - A look of straight brick flooring.  Use it as edging as well.

-13 x 13 Chiseled Stone Concrete Tiles

-Slate Tile Molds with a decorative design

-Consider a combination of tile molds, using this mold in the center.  18 x 18 Tile Slate Mold

-This mold is very dreamy!  Get the French Provence Look with this 12X12 Hexagon Slate textured mold

-Consider entire walls that can give the appearance of stacked stone.  One mold can cut out the time in this very expensive old world look.  This mold is one of the most extravagant patterns I have seen with concrete molds

- The Stone Master Concrete floor block mold incorporates circles in its design.

3.  Vinyl Tile Options

Vinyl floors can look very expensive if you consider laying them out in a pattern other than plain square tiles lined up in a row.  Consider purchasing a Vinyl cutter that will allow you to create an elaborate pattern with ease.  Study the more expensive marble patterns that are featured in castles and copy the patterns for your own floor.  Work with high gloss vinyl to give a polished marble appearance.

Here are some of my favorites:

-Achim Home Furnishings 12-Inch Vinyl Tile, Solid High Gloss Black, 20-Pack

-Achim Home Furnishings 12-Inch Vinyl Tile, Solid High Gloss White, 20-Pack

-Use the Black Marble Vinyl Tile around the edges of the room-Cut them into rectangular strips which can match up with your white and black pieces.  45 pieces of Black Self Adhesive Marble Tile

-Consider positioning your main black and white marble at an angle with small square pieces of Green Marble to connect the pattern.  Keeping the marble pieces small won't look so faux.

-Instead of using just a plain white, consider a white vinyl marble tile.

An industrial white home - Designed by Paola Navone

 Stenciled Floor - design based on family's tartan. The designer had the stencils created - each square foot of floor required 8 passes (with various stencils and hand painting).

Herringbone brick floor

Photographer Eric Piasecki

Modern Furniture In A Castle In Denmark

Modern Furniture In A Castle In Denmark

Modern Furniture In A Castle In Denmark

Clawfoot Tub

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