British Campaign Furniture- White Campaign Dressers

Campaign-Style End Tables/Night Stands

Have you ever stumbled across fine fold-able furniture, caned, or featuring incredible brass accenting hardware? Chances are you might have run across reproduction campaign furniture. Campaign furniture was originally designed for the British army in the late 1700’s to take with them on the battle front.

In 1707 the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed, where both Scottish and English armies merged together to create the British Army. The Seven Years' War was a major military conflict that involved all of the major European powers at that time, and lasted from 1756 until 1763. The war between Prussia and Great Britain were pitted against each other with a smaller coalition consisting of Austria, France, Spain, Russia, Sweden, and Saxony. The British were spread quite thin, fighting on many fronts. At around the same time, the war The French and Indian War between Great Britain and France was fought in North America from 1754 to 1763.

The series of wars in the 17th and 18th centuries between the Netherlands and France left Britian the dominant colonial power in North America and India.

Concessions were made in 1763 which ended France's position as a major colonial power in the Americas. The French lost their claim to all land in North America east of the Mississippi River along with what is now Canada. Great Britain strengthened their position as the dominant colonial power in the eastern half of North America. Read more about the Seven Years war at Wikipedia. The map was found at Wikipedia as well.

Campaign furniture was used by the British army during the late 1700's through the early 1900's in military campaigns through Burma and India.

As a prideful symbol of glory of their newly claimed empire, the high ranking officers would set up tent life just as they would extravagantley decorate their homes.

They brought with them knock down furniture which could be easily transported by ship, which broke down to fit in tight spaces, and then could be brought with them on the battle front.

Pair of Restored Campaign Side Dressers

Lacquered Vintage Campaign Dresser From C Bell

Pair of Restored Campaign Chests From C Bell

Campaign furniture was constructed with the intent of travel. The portable safari furniture was originally designed for the for use inside tents out on the range. Furniture was easily broken down into parts and packed up and transported to a new location and set up within a few minutes. British officers would often be accompanied by hundreds of horses, elephants and camels which would carry the elaborate tent decor.

Pictures- Heritage Campaign-Style End Tables FromStipe -Located North Miami Florida

Campaign pieces often have handles on the sides, recessed drawer handles, and flat surfaces so they are easily stacked like boxes for travel. Stacking chests were often made in 2 parts, which could fit into smaller spaces. Many of the chests were made quite well consisting of hand dove-tailed construction with solid wood drawer bottoms and sides reinforced by interior quarter round molding and hefty center struts. Chests were madewith brass-bound mountings on all corners and sides for beauty and strength.

Much of the British colonial furniture was made from teak, because if the woods durability in strength and its weather resistant qualities, and also because teak was widely available. British campaign antique reproductions can be seen in rosewood and leather. In the 60 and 70's modern companies reproduced some of the historical campaign furniture. Henredon for example made a line of chests with Asian influences called Artefacts which many people repaint to suit their decor.

Antique Campaign Dressers

You can see how this desk could easily be transported. From Mark Frisman Hudson, NY
Get the Campaign Look! Paint this set white or black and finish it with brass hardware.

Vanessa de Vargas is an L.A. based interior designer Featuring a green campaign dresser seen in the December issue of Lonny Magazine

See my asian dresser painted green with asian brass brackets giving the look of campaign dressers

This table can easily fit into a home decorated in campaign furniture. For 200 dollars, this chest could be painted in black, green, red, or white, and accented with shiny gold brass to give it that regent look.

White Campaign Chest By Foley & Cox Home

White Campaign Chest By Foley & Cox Home

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