Bedroom Furniture For a Perfect Bedroom Makeover

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Are you planning to do a bedroom renovation? Changing the overall look of your bedroom can be done through several ways. Changing the bedroom furniture is a good way to transform your bedroom and create the new mood you want to project in your personal space. Giving your bedroom a new feel will help you love your space better. Adding window treatment like blinds is also a good option. How will you pick the right furniture for your bedroom and make this work well with the rest of your room's accessories including window blinds?

Choose A Theme

Picking the right furniture will be easier if you choose a theme or mode you want to have in your room. This will allow you to mix and match bedroom furniture and accessories which complement well with each other. Whether you want a luxurious European bedroom theme, an exotic Asian motif, ultra-modern space, a relaxing country bedroom, choosing the furniture will be easier if you know what you want.

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Pick The Basic Pieces of Furniture

Once you have chosen a theme you can start by picking the basic bedroom furniture you need. Choose a bed which will help you create the theme you want. An entertainment unit will be suitable if you often watch TV inside your room. A nightstand will also provide you some storage space for your personal items like eyeglasses, alarm clocks, and books. Wardrobe, dressing tables, and drawers are also important basic bedroom furniture you may want to have. Consider choosing colours and designs which are different from your old ones. This will help you enjoy a complete room transformation.

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Different Types of Window Blinds for The Bedroom

Aside from changing bedroom furniture adding window treatment will also help create a beautiful bedroom makeover. It can be tricky shopping for window blinds. However, there is one thing you should consider when looking for suitable blinds for your bedroom. This is the amount of light that the blinds will be able to block. There are three different types of window blinds you can choose from. These include the following:

Venetian Blinds. These are usually available in different types of materials including wood, aluminium, and eco-wood. This is a versatile type of window blinds which you can use for your bedroom. By choosing a certain material you will be able to coordinate this with the bedroom furniture and mode. Wooden Venetian blinds and eco-wood are more commonly used in the bedroom compared with the aluminium type venetian blinds.

Roller Blinds. These are inexpensive and are among the most popular choices. You can choose from a wide array of colours to match your bedroom colour scheme. The roller blinds mechanism is simple yet offers long lasting use.

Roman Blinds. This is the type of blinds which you can easily match with your bedroom furnishing. This is the type which can offer you either a sunscreen or block-out function.

Finally, enjoy total bedroom transformation with new bedroom furniture completely harmonized with the right window blinds. Roller blinds and roman blinds are more commonly used for bedroom window treatment because of their ability to completely block the light while giving total privacy.

Author Bio: Abbas Hussain, blogger who talks about Bedroom Furniture for companies like Furn On

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