An Extravagant Home Based Around White

Marianne Brandi and Keld Mikkelsen's refurbished home was featured in the December issue of Lonny Magazine. The home located in Hellerup, a suburb located just outside Copenhagen features a number of stunning antiques displayed in a home based around black and white. The couple heads up an international fashion label called Day Birger el Mikkelsen,  so it comes at no surprise that their house is as hip as their fashion lines. The house is based around white with bold contrasting furniture.

Copy their look by incorporating a few elements that appear in their home.

1.  Paint Your Tim a High Gloss.

Base your interior wall paint colors around muted whites.  Layer in wainscoting and panelled walls with the trim color painted in a high gloss white, or a shade or two darker than the wall color, as seen in their bedroom.  Consider adding shine in by adding a lot of expensive hardware such as what is seen in their wall arm sconce beside the bed.   Add in other extravagant pieces that have texture, such as the white marble fireplace.  The detail in marble is breathtaking.

2.  Consider choosing furniture with detail. 

The french chairs seen in their bedroom are painted in white and the trim in gold allows a person to see the incredible detail in the carving.  French Chairs can be customized, and often times the upholstery is so easy that an ameture can recover the chairs with ease. Biedermeier Chairs also give a room based around white a break with it's intricate and detailed woods.  Pieces of furniture that have painted trim detail will stand out against a white palette.

3.  Consider adding some color in the closets. 

Paint your closets in a dark navy, and dress up these small areas with storage boxes painted in the same color that also have brass hardware.  Add vintage knobs to your storage containers to dress them up.  Showcase those dramatic 4 inch pink stilettos against a navy background.  If you have walls that are not textured, consider doing the closet up in a high gloss.  Start with a base coat of the paint color in flat, and once it is try and several coats are applied to cover the walls, then continue with the gloss application.  Gloss alone will not cover, which is why many painters suggest getting the coverage by a flat application.

4.  Carefully Think Out Flooring

Give a lot of attention to flooring.  If a home has great flooring, excessive furniture isn't necessary.  Consider investing in great wood floors, marble or stone floors.  Even Vinyl Stick-On Tiles can look quite attractive if they are laid out in a pattern.  Check out the black and white floor pattern below.

5. Choose a couple high end antiques.

In Marianne Brandi and Keld Mikkelsen's bathroom they choose to feature an expensive wood bombe chest.  Consider the bathroom a room to decorate, and get rid of the builders standard choices.  In a all white home, wood is essential.  Consider adding in a few really raw unfinished wood pieces.  If you have a piece of furniture that you have enjoyed for years, consider stripping the wood down to it's natural state.  In the past I have mixed together off white paint and water for a translucent wash.

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