5 Ways to Get A Greek Influence In Your Home

Two chairs, neo-Greek, inspired by the style of the Villa Kerylos of the end of 19th beginning 20th style. Gray patina wood.

It is hard not to think of the rich colors when one thinks of Greece.  Rich colors, a sense of balance and proportion is what they have been known for.  Here are 5 great tips you can incorporate into your home to achieve a rich Greek look for your interior.

1. Natural Materials and Textiles

To create a Greek or Roman-inspired style, draw on natural materials and textiles.  Natural stone flooring, such as limestone or marble are popular choices in both classical and modern Greek homes. Stained concrete can re-create some of rustic flooring styles on a budget.  It is common to see animal fur, wool, linen, silk and leather in Greek design. Painted furniture, with faded leather is look that would work well in this style.

2. Balance, Balance, Balance

Focus on creating a sense of balance.   Try to pair your furniture, art, and decorative decor with symmetry.  Exposed columns are closely associated with classic Greek and Roman design. Faux columns can re-create this look, even when they are not needed for structural support. To incorporate a more subtle form of this design, use a fluted pedestal to hold a planter or sculpture.

3.  Earth Tones

From ancient times, Greek and Roman emphasized color in their interiors.  The colors Greece is known for are those found in the natural landscape. The earth tones palette consists of browns, tans, warm grays, greens, oranges, whites, and some reds, and some blues. The colors are often found muted and flat, and originate from clay earth pigments, such as umber, ochre, and sienna.

4. Sharp Contrast

Greek design is characterized by sharp contrast, particularly when it comes to pairing shades of blue and white. Whitewashed walls are found in Greek homes, and often times paired with accents of turquoise or navy. Both Greek and Roman design also feature deep shades of green drawn from the landscape, as well as shades of gold and red inspired by flowers and sunlight.

5. Simple Furniture

In both Greek and Roman homes, you'll primarily find furniture made from wood. Greek furniture tends to be simpler, where as Roman furnishings are seen with carved animal feet or intricate designs.  Tripod tables and stools are much more common, because a tripod design makes it easier to balance the furniture on a rough or uneven floor. Mosaic-topped tables, metal or tortoiseshell inlays are also common in Greek furniture.

Living in Greece- Barbara & René Stoeltie, Angelika Taschen

Barbara and René Stoeltie the best of the worlds country homes in land of Greece.

Living In Greece presents a hilltop vacation house of Robert Browning, descendent of the English poet, in Hydra, a stunning 18th century Turkish-Greek palace—the former residence of a Turkish governor, now inhabited by a farmer and his family—on the Argo-Saronic Islands, and the cozy, romantic home of Onassiss ex-pilot Basile Touloumtzoglou and his wife, Tilly.

Rich Colors Of Greece

Greek Color Schemes

Mamma Mia, The Movie

Greek Villa Source:LR

Greek Tole Urn,  Pair Of Hand Painted Greek Revival 19th Century Vases

Wisteria entrance, Crete, Greece

Greece Style: Exteriors, Interiors, Details

Discover the best of Greece’s hidden treats in this lovely book of mythical homes. Packed cover to cover with traditional interiors throughout the country and its islands, Greece Style perfectly captures a wide range of variations on the classic blue and white-dominated palette that characterizes the architecture of Odysseus’s homeland.

Large Greek Terra Cotta Olive Jar

Interiors That Look Greek - desiretoinspire.net

Greek Style-srinteriors.wordpress.com

Picture Credits- Trina Turk Pillows, Greek Key Ottomans Martin

Greek Color Schemes

Greek Style From by toyaguerrero on Flicker

Santorini, Greece

Greek Color Schemes Using Lighter Icy Blues- Homes and Gardens.

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