3 Tips To Pulling Off An All White Decorated Room

Michael Smith's Fabulous French Upper East Side Apartment- See More Photos

When you are young, bold bright colors or dark interiors are what you crave. After living with them for a while, it can be refreshing to go back to white. Nobody wants absolutely plain walls, nor do they want to feel like being in a hospital. Here are the best tips to pull off an all white interior.

1. If you plan on upholstering furniture in all white, consider making additional slipcovers for your furniture. Slipcovers allow you the leisure of throwing them in the wash every once in a while, and additionally bleaching them over time if something happens to be spilled on them. White would be the only fabric you could get away with bleaching. Consider painting your furniture's frame gray, or a beige that is white washed for contrast. White frames on white furniture tend to be overkill, unless there is some contrast such as a glossy frame, and linen fabric.

2. Use different shades of white for decorating a room based around whites. Gray whites are terrific choices, as well as undertones of yellow which tend to give a warmth that white simply lacks.

3. Use different textures and materials on the walls if your room lacks architectural detail. Look for ornate designs that can catch the eye, or abstract 3d art painted in white. You won't get that designer look with white walls with one or two pictures. You want a room that has a lot of texture and elements that give a three dimensional impression. If you are after a French inspired room, consider hanging mini ornate wall shelves that can be duplicated over the walls, and could hold plates or a collection that is worthy to be displayed on the walls.

4. Keep a couple elements in their natural wood. An all white room looks fantastic on wood flooring. A French canape sofa upholstered in white on a waxed wood frame would break up the white. Consider taping a line across a wood chair and spray painting half of the chair, and leaving the other half wood. Add natural wood picture frames in your room to add the element of something natural and untouched. The idea is that not everything should be painted. This gives the eye a much needed break from the white.
3. Use small decorations in a different color.

For example .....

- A empire vase in white with bright pink accents,

- An ornate white painted frame with an abstract colorful painting,

- Brightly colored ribbons holding up a series of picture frames on the wall.

These are just a few tricks of decorating a home in an all white scheme.

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Decorology featured some captivating interiors bathed in white. The home features outstanding architectural details such as ornate ceiling moldings, and wall molding details. This home is painted all in white, except for the plywood chairs, a wood chest and the bookshelves which give a pop of color in a home that is mostly bright whites. The sofas are upholstered in white and the kitchen features a beautiful white painted oval table.

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